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Goosee.com's Best of the Best Freeware

Website: http://www.goosee.com/best/
This is a wonderful page, recommending some excellent freeware, and giving much longer descriptions than I do.


Website: http://www.neverexpires.com/software/
This is an excellent site with a lot of freeware.  Note that they also do shareware that doesn't have a time limit.


Website: http://www.sover.net/~whoi/Priceless.html
The one and only Pricelessware, maintained by Son of Spy.  His main website,
http://www.sover.net/~whoi/, also contains a lot of good stuff.


Website: http://www.gamehippo.com
Stupid name, if you ask me.  They used to be called freewaregames.org, which suited them much better.  This site isn't updated as often, but contains loads and loads of PC freeware - no shareware/demoware/whatever.


Website: http://www.happypenguin.org
This is a Linux games site.  However, a large percentage of the games here also have a Windows port.  I found several of the games in my Games link section on this site.


Website: http://www.BrianWelch.net
This is the website of a good friend of mine who does web design. If you're looking for a professionally designed website, this is a good place.


Website: http://www.anandtech.com
Anandtech has the best hardware reviews, with the possible exception of Tom's Hardware Guides.  I always use Anandtech myself, though.  If I ever want to find out what the best graphics card, motherboard, etc. is, I go here.

SR Systems

Website: http://www.srsystems.com
This has nothing to do with freeware, but this is a site I definitely recommend ordering from.  They are very helpful and ship on time, unlike a couple of other online vendors I know of...  Plus, if you go to pricewatch.com (see below), you can find most of their stock at reduced prices.


Website: http://www.pricewatch.com
This is a site to help you find the best prices on computer items.  You click on a category, and vendors are listed in that category with the lowest priced vendor first.  Highly recommended.  Note that most of the ram here is the lowest quality stuff, go to dealram.com for low-priced name brands.


Website: http://www.dealram.com
Here you can find good prices on name-brand ram like Crucial and Kingston, as well as generic.


USI is an online collaborative storywriting club with a sci-fi storyline. It's free, and great fun if you enjoy writing!

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