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Acrobat Reader 5

This is the Adobe Acrobat 5 Reader, which lets you view .pdf files. Product manuals are often in this format.



K-Meleon is a small, fast browser-only version of Mozilla. If all you want is a browser, and don't need the mail, composer and news, this is for you.


Mozilla is an open source web browser based on the Netscape source code. This is a very good browser. Of course, Opera is also a very viable choice. My advice: Install both, and pages that one doesn't display correctly, the other should.


The Opera web browser is the one that I highly recommend. It has a different approach to browsing than Netscape or MS Internet Explorer and takes some getting used to. In the end, it is faster, better managed, crashes less often and has the options that I want. This is #1! NOTE: This is ad-supported, but you can disable most of the ads by using Outpost Firewall.

Download Accelerator Plus (Ad warning!)

Download Accelerator Plus is one of the best of the download managers, in my opinion. This one is ad-supported, though: it displays ads while you download. You can register it to remove the ads.


DialGuard is a program that will alert you when any program tries to use your modem to dial out. It will give you information about the attempted connection, and then you can either allow or deny the dialout request.


Eudora for Windows is the best email client out there. I used to use Opera's built-in client, but there are a couple of flaws, like no option to save an email to a file. This is the "sponsored version" of Eudora, which means that you get all of the features of the full version, but you see a small ad in the lower-left corner (somewhat akin to the ads in Opera). The ad is not very intrusive. Anyway, unless you want to use M$ Outlook (a.k.a. Virus Welcome Mat), this is the way to go.

Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.4

The Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.4 is required for Mozilla to be able to run Java applets. Just get the environment, not the SDK.


mIRC is an IRC chat client. IRC is a place on the Internet where you can access hundreds of online chatrooms, and you don't have to have AOL! <grin> mIRC seems to be the chat client with the most features out there. NOTE: This is shareware, although its not limited in features that I can tell.

KaZaA Lite (no ads)

This is the Lite version of the popular perr-to-peer KaZaA file-sharing service. The official version had some really nasty spyware in it, but this has the spyware DLL stripped to a dummy.

Outpost Firewall

This is widely acclaimed to be the best personal firewall software out there. It has more features than Zone Alarm (it's biggest contender), and uses less resources. It includes ad blocking, DNS caching, active content blocking, and filtering as well as the standard firewall services. Best of all, it's free!


Trillian is the small and almighty instant chat program. It supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Chat, and IRC (!). Skinnable, to boot. Works like a charm.


WinMX is a file trade utility, a la Napster, using a decentralized network. You can search for files on other users machines and download them.

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