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Figlet is an ASCII Font Generator. Hard to explain. Download this file and view it in Notepad to see an example.


The GIMP is an advanced image editor. It is originally a Linux program that has been ported to Windows. The GIMP has more capabilities than I can describe here, but suffice it to say that is is a worthy challenger to Adobe Photoshop. It has support for layers, filters, transparency, scripting, and much, much more. With the latest version, it even has (experimental) support for Photoshop-format plugins!

Hackman Hex Editor

HackMan is the best hex editor out there. It has support for file compare, Unicode and ASCII search strings, hex offsets, and more. It even includes it's own dissasembler!


HarmTile '99 is a simple image editing tool. It's main feature is ability to rotate a seamless bitmap, and keep it seamless. I use it to create tiling backgrounds for my Desktop.


This is a wonderful file viewer. With it you can view all of the better-known file types out there, and several lesser-known ones. In addition, you can perform some limited image editing, including file type conversion. I recommend you also get the file all_plugins.exe when you get the main program. Note: To view Quicktime movies with this, you need to click Options->Properties, click the Video/Audio tab, then select "Use Quicktime plugin for MOV files". You must install the Quicktime player prior to this, as the plugin uses the codecs that this installs.

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