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602Pro 2001

This office software is really a can of worms. On one hand, it has the very best interpretation of M$ Word files I've ever seen. On the other, you have to register it to get rid of the constant warning, "You haven't registered yet". Registration is free, but still... Also, there are a couple of features that are only available in the "Plus" ($$$) version.


AbiWord is a free M$Word clone. It was designed to look a lot like M$Word, so users of it should find the interface familiar. It can open Word documents, and is a good choice for those who don't want to buy the retail version of M$Word.


OpenOffice is a *free* office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, etc.). It seems to work pretty well, and it can handle file from the Microsoft Office Suite of programs (even the new Office XP!). This is a good choice for someone who doesn't want to spend ~$400 just to open a Microsoft Word file. OpenOffice includes:

Word Processor
Spreadsheet program
Drawing program
Presentation program (a la PowerPoint)
HTML editor
and more...

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