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Ancient Domains Of Mystery

ADOM is my favorite roguelike game -- it's huge! FYI, a roguelike game is a game w/ ASCII graphics and 2D gameplay. This one is the best!


ATris is a Tetris clone with a couple of twists, including the addition of gravity and multiple kinds of pieces. Also, there is a good multiplayer mode.


Battalion is a great 3D game. The idea behind it is this: You are a monster, and your mission is to blow up, crunch set fire to or otherwise destroy a town before the military destroys you. Note: This game needs a fairly good graphics card to run at full speed.


Website: Down, download it at
This is an excellent pool game for Windows. It is all 3D rendered, and it runs great on my machine. (A 700MHz Duron with a GeForce2 MX)


Website: http://BZFlag.Org
BZFlag is a 3D Tank combat game. It has a huge number of options. You can play with computers and/or other players on a network. There are lots (and I mean lots :) of powerups, and it is really fun. Also, look for another upcoming 3D tank game, named Project 2501 for now. Its website is:

Crack Attack

Crack Attack! is a Tetris-like game in the style of the Super Nintendo game Tetris Attack. This one supports two-player LAN games, and has *way* better graphics. You destroy blocks by swapping them to get rows of the same color. If you destroy 4 blocks or more at a time, or execute combos, you can dump "garbage" on the other player. If you are playing one-player, however, you dump garbage on yourself. Anyway, give it a shot, it's pretty cool! NOTE: I take no responsibility for any loss of job/relationship/etc. that may result from playing this (highly addictive) game :)

Chromium B.S.U.

Chromium B.S.U is a high-graphics vertically scrolling shooter. This program *requires* a good graphics card to run at anything like a decent speed. Some very cool effects.

Chicken Invaders

Chicken Invaders is the best Space Invaders clone I have seen so far. It features 3D chickens to shoot at, and several play modes. Also, you can upgrade your firepower.

Cannon Smash

Cannon Smash is a 3D table tennis game. You can play against a computer or a fellow human. The ping-pong table and characters are all 3D rendered, and it is a well done game, if a trifle hard to learn.

NetHack Falcon's Eye

NetHack, like ADOM, is a roguelike game. This means that it has character based graphics and turn based gameplay. Falcon's Eye is a modified version of Nethack with graphics. It features an isometric view, lots of computer generated graphics, and mouse-based navigation. Really a cool game!


HaCKeR is a Tetris game other Tetris games can only look up to. It has fairly good graphics. Not as good as Zetrix, though. The main thing is that it has 8 different play modes including network/Internet play and split-screen local. This is not just a Tetris clone. It's *the* Tetris clone.

Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker is a game akin to the Microsoft game 'JezzBall'. You have to trap small moving objects. The difference is, this one is totally free. Enjoy!


KasBrik is a cool BreakOut clone, where you have use a ball and paddle to break bricks. This one is 3D, with several neat effects.

Kobo Deluxe

KoboDeluxe is a Windows port of the excellent "XKobo" game for Linux. Be warned, though: it is *very* addictive. You fly around in a little ship shooting these maze-like bases. Simple controls: Arrow keys to move, Control to shoot.


LBreakout2 is acknowledged by many to be the *best* Breakout clone. Until just recently, however, it was only available for Linux. Now, however, the author has taken pity on Windows users, and created a Windows port. This game has load of bonuses and maluses (bad bonuses), lots of levels, and some pretty eye candy. Enjoy!

Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 is a 'Street Fighter' type game, where you pick a character and battle other characters, whether computer controlled or human. This one supports up to four people on one computer, and up to eight on a network game. There is also a stage mode, where you (and possibly other players) fight hordes of computer players. Overall, a well done game. There is a guide available showing all of the moves.


Maelstrom is a well-made Asteroids game with several features. It makes for an interesting diversion, and has high-quality graphics. If you go to the website above, you can even download new graphics and sound packs for it.

Mario Game for DOS

This is a small Mario Brothers-style game with 6 levels. It has parallelax scrolling, and will run smoothly on a 486 25MHz. Fun, small and free!

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic is a puzzle game from the same people who made Rocks 'n' Diamonds. In it, you must turn all of the mirrors so that your beam goes through all of the pots.


NetHack is the second-biggest roguelike I have ever seen (ADOM is the first). Everything including the kitchen sink. Literally. 'Nuff said.

Penguin Command

Penguin Command is a high-quality Missle Command clone with good graphics. Click on the incoming missles to kill them. Well-made free game.


Pingus is a free clone of the PC Game 'Lemmings', only with penguins. This was originally a Linux game that has since been ported to Windows. It has lots of levels, and tolerable graphics.

Q-Lat II

Q-Lat 2 is one of the coolest puzzle games I have ever seen. The concept is simple: Make all of the marbles the same color as yours. To do so, you need to bump them, sort of like pool. This game has beautiful graphics and good sound. Enjoy!

Rocket Duel

Rocket Duel is a fun split-screen combat game. You and another human player (no computer players) each control a rocket ship. Depending on the map used, the game is one of three types: Regular, where you try to shoot each other; CTF, where you try to capture your opponent's flag and take it to your base; and CTF Special, where there is one flag you are both going for. A good multiplayer game for those without a network.

Rocks 'n' Diamonds

Rocks 'n' Diamonds is a well-done Boulderdash clone with *lots* of levels. You can even make your own levels! Great puzzle game!

Safrosoft RoX

Safrosoft RoX is a good BouderDash clone. It doesn't have as many features and levels as Rocks 'n' Diamonds (that would be hard!), but it has a lot better graphics, including different lights, fade-ins and the works. Anyway, it's fun to play.


This is a game with a lot of nostalgia value to me. The gameplay is okay, with lots of levels to go through (it's kind of a racing game), but it has really cool music. Anyways, the company that makes it, Blue Moon software, now releases it for free on the 'Net at the address above. Skyxmas.exe is the special Christmas Edition with new levels.

Tux Racer

Tux Racer is a highly detailed 3D racing game, where you race a penguin down courses in the snow. On the way down, you try to collect herring. Only when you get all the herring in a reasonable time can you advance to the next level. However, there is a practice mode included where you can try out all of the levels.

Ultimate Steroids

Ultimate Steroids is one of the best Asteroids clones I have seen. It is totally 3D rendered. There are lots of powerups, including weapons upgrades. Enjoy!


XBlast TNT is a 'Bomberman' style game. It has a HUGE variety of levels. You can play up to 2 players on one computer (no computer players unfortunately). On a network, you can have up to 6 players total, 2 per computer. This is my most successful multiplayer game. On caveat, though: It requires a 1024x768 resolution screen to play. The above is not the official website, which went down a while ago. This is the biggest fan site that I could find.

Zetrix 3D

Zetrix 3D is a very well done 3D Tetris clone. This is almost the best game of it's type I've ever seen, HaCKeR being the only one that is better. All of the graphics are fully 3D-rendered. There are some pretty cool effects when you destroy a line. Also, you can play it multiplayer locally or over the network!

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