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3DMark2001 is the industry standard for 3D benchmarking, and it is advanced enough to put a strain on even the most advanced system. It supports DirectX 8 compatible hardware (GeForce3), and looks really cool.

The Gutenburg Project

Here you can download almost any book on which there is no copyright or the copyright has expired. Good resource to look at before a long airplane flight.

Interactive Fiction

These are Interactive Fiction games, also known as text adventures. You type in commands, and the game responds with descriptions of your environment. Most of these are puzzle-solving games.


Websites: (International Mirror)
http://www.baypages/aziraphael/index.htm (US Mirror) (Australian Mirror)
Patch is a savegame editor. You save your game, change something, and save it again. After comparing the two files, you should have the location of the value in the savefile, which you can then edit!

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