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How do you describe Dremples? You could call it the aurora borealis on the PC. You could call it the most interesting desktop background you've seen. Or, you could just call it Dremples. At any rate, you'll have to see it for yourself. NOTE: this requires a higher-end system to be able to run smoothly at the higher resolutions/quality levels. This really is one of the coolest programs I have come across. I recommend running it in "Desktop Background" mode, as opposed to screensaver mode. I personally don't like screensavers that have to switch resolutions when they come on.

Mathematically Beautiful ScreenSavers (MBSS)

Some of the prettiest screensavers I have seen. Unfortunately, they have gone shareware. However, I have the last freeware version of Special Effects on my site here.

Really Slick Screensavers

This is a collection of free screensavers that is, well, really slick. The screensavers say they're shareware in the about box, but on the website, the guy just announced that they are all freeware now. All of these are OpenGL screensavers, and may require a video card with hardware acceleration.

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