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I have several files that are hard to find elsewhere. These are all Self-Extracting Zip files. As such, if you don't want to run them as programs, you can rename them to .ZIP and open them with your favorite zip program. For descriptions of these, click the link below the listing.

Captain Comic 2 (280KB)
Listed in the Games section of the Link Library

Galactix (689 KB)
Listed in the Games section of the Link Library

Special Effects 2.3 (freeware) (285 KB)
Listed in the Screen Savers section of the Link Library

Peek Context 1.1 (50 KB)
Listed in the Utilities section of the Link Library

Power Archiver 2001 v6.11 (2 MB)
Listed in the Utilities section of the Link Library. This is the last freeware version.

BilliardGL 1.72 (800KB)
Listed in the Games section of the Link Library

Net Transport 1.87 (1.5MB)
Not listed in the Link Library -- this is the last freeware version of a great download manager program.

Here's a small .bat file that will remove Windows XP's built in "Zips as folders" support. I mainly made it for myself, as I have a USB key with many zips on it. Every time I would go to open a new Explorer window to the key, XP would decide it needed to read *all* the zips on the drive before it could display anything. This corrects the "feature".
Remove ZIP Folders from XP

UPDATE: I now have the Bin Laden Bomb Song on the site. I got this very funny flash movie from a long time ago, but they have long since deleted it from the site. Make sure you turn on sound, but be warned: the word a** is used twice in the song. Other than that, enjoy!

Bin Laden Bomb Song

UPDATE: I now have a few starter characters for the excellent game ADOM 1.1.0. I will probably eventually have ones for all of the races, but all I have right now are the ones for Humans and Trolls. Each zipfile contains a starter character with one wand of wishing with 2 trillion charges for each of the classes. Note that these saved games will only work with 1.1.0, not 1.1.1 or later. When I get the time, I will try to get ones for the new version up there.

UPDATE: This is a funny story and pictures. You'll have to read it to appreciate it, but let's just say it involves a cat and a haircut :)
Cat line cut

Also, I may not have this for long, but here is a link to a fun Flash game: Santa Balls 2!
Click here to go to the game

Yet another fun Flash game: Defend the Castle!
Click here to go to the game

Flash Game #3: CurveBall!
Click here to go to the game

Flash Animation: JibJab's This Land Is My Land!
This is a very well done Flash animation poking fun at Bush, Kerry, and America in general. Very funny.
Click here to go to the movie