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Archiving Utilities

PowerArchiver 2001 6.11 (last free version):
PowerArchiver is the *Best* WinZip-like program. On the PowerArchiver website, it is no longer free, but this version (ver 6.11) is freeware.

SFX Maker:
SFX Maker is the most configurable Self-Extracting Archive maker I know of. I use it for all the files on my CD, and all of the downloads on my site will be compressed with it.


Online Bible:

These are a couple of great Bible programs, each with their advantages and disadvantages. There are more modules available for e-Sword, but Online Bible is easier to learn. More choices, everybody wins!

BIOS Utility

The Bios utility will let you change several things in your bios. For instance, If you've set a password on your BIOS and then forgotten it, BIOS can recover it for you. It can also dump the BIOS to a file and restore it later, which is nice.

Password Revealer:

This is a handy program that will look "behind the asterisks" on a password box and reveal the text there. This has gotten me out of several sticky situations and I highly recommend it. I haven't tried it in Windows XP.

Virtual CD Tools:

The DAEMON-Tools is a great free virtual CDROM application. The catch? It can't make it's own images. Get DiscDump.exe from their website. You may need to install the ASPI Update (also on their website) before you can use DiscDump. DAEMON Tools also can emulate many copyright protection schemes, so you can run a game even on an incorrectly copied CD. If DAEMON tools says you don't have the correct version of Windows Installer, you may need to get the file Instmsia.exe from their website.

CD Information Utilities:

Nero CDInfo Tool:
These are a couple of programs that will tell you exactly what your CD/DVD drive can and can't do, such as read CDRWs, DVDs, etc. Looks like they work well.

CPU Information Tool:

CPU-Z is a good program for determining how fast your processor is, how much memory you have, and what speed the memory is running at from within Windows. Previously, to do this, I had to reboot and hope the computer wasn't a Compaq or Dell or another name brand that replaces the start up screen with their logo...

nVidia Detonator Drivers:

All-in-one drivers I carry around with me for anybody who has an nVidia card.

Fax Program:

This is a free fax program. Of all of the ones I have tried, this one works the best. It has a printer driver so that you can just "print" a document to the program and have it send it as a fax. It also takes TIF image files, so if you have a scanner, that will work too.

Virus Checkers:

F-PROT is a free DOS-based virus scanner that works in Windows. The company that produces it, Data Fellows, Inc., updates it fairly often. However, to find it on their website, you'll have to dig. If you want a shortcut, the latest version is always available for download at:

I have found this to be a very good scanner. If it is too old, however, you may have to set your computer's date back to get it to scan.

AVG Free 6.0:
This is a wonderful and free full-featured virus checker, including resident scanner, email checker, boot-up scanner and on-demand scanner. Free updates for life, too.

Wireless Network Drivers:

FreeBase AirPort Windows Drivers:
FreeBase 1.0 is the free opensource Windows drivers for the AirPort. The AirPort is a (Mac) wireless networking solution. This software allows you to use an AirPort Base Station and/or Access Point on your PC. I don't have an AirPort, but for wireless networking, I've heard they're pretty nice.

Monitor Information & Configuration Tool:

This is a program that will enable/disable various resolutions and color depths in Display properties. Also, you can change refresh rates with this.

Internet Explorer Eradicators:

IEradicator will remove all traces of IE from your system, resulting in a more stable Win98. After this, even if you install IE back on your system, it won't integrate. also sells a more complete product called (you guessed it) 98lite, which will allow you to install Win98 w/out have IE ever on your system.

Revenge of Mozilla:
This is a somewhat more complete IE removal tool, but I don't use it personally use it because it reverts the UI to Windows 95. There are a couple of UI features in 98 that I'm hooked on, like the Shortcut Bar and editable Start Menu items. However, if you don't need those, go for it!

Ad Blockers:

The Internet JunkBuster:
The Internet JunkBuster is a free personal proxy you can use to block certain sites. I use it to block ads. Every time I see an ad from a certain server (ex., I open sblock.ini and add that server to the list. After that, I never see ads from again! Note that this has a rather complicated setup. For an easier solution, see Outpost Firewall below.
Outpost Firewall:

Keyboard Mouse Emulator:

MouseEmu is a program that will let you control the mouse with the keyboard. Windows has a small program to do this called MouseKeys, but this one is much fuller-featured, with settable keys and modifiers.

PDF Writing:

See my HOWTO

File Text Browser:

Peek: See the Downloads section
This adds an item to your right-click menu for files: Peek. This will scan a file and find any text in it. Useful for recovering text from munged Word documents, etc.

PKZIP DOS Utilities:

PKZIP for DOS is the original PKZIP program. Use this if you can't use Powerarchiver for whatever reason; however, watch out for long file names.

Mouse Gestures:

StrokeIt is a mouse gesturing application. This means that you can hold down the right mouse button and draw a symbol with it to execute various commands. This is nice if, say, you don't want to have to find a desktop shortcut or Start Menu item every time you want to start your web browser. Just draw a "W" with the right mouse button and your default browser will automatically start for you! Very useful time-saving application. They have diagrams of how to do the gestures on their web page.

Boot Disk:

Ultimate Boot Disk:
This will turn a regular floppy into an extremely useful floppy. Let me explain: This will create a boot disk with many, many utilities on it and a slick interface to boot. This is invaluable if you are reinstalling Windows, or are trying to fix a problem that keeps Windows from booting. It also has partitioning, Y2K, Boot-up and other utilities on it. Don't go anywhere without it!

Unit Conversion:

ESB Unit Conversion:
This is the most complete unit conversion program I have seen. It converts between myriads of units, including time, volume, rate, and much, much more (about 12 different types).

System Configurator:

X-Teq System's X-Setup is an all-in-one kitchen sink utility. You can modify virtually every aspect of Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000, including (drumroll here) the Multiple Columns Start Menu in Windows 98! In case you don't know, one of my pet peeves about Win98 is the single-column scrolling menu. This program is free.

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